Friday, June 3, 2011

Classroom Library

I would like to share how I organize my classroom library. It worked VERY well with my class last year. I am in the process to adding more books to my library this summer and can't wait to share this system with all my new kiddos.

I organized my library by different genres, topics or authors. I created a label for the outside of the book tubs by using 2"x4" Avery Shipping Labels. I printed off the book labels, stuck it to a index card and laminated them. You can view the book tub labels here

I then took the same picture that I used on the outside of my tubs and put that picture on a small return address label. I used Avery return address labels. You can view the book labels here (This file was too large to have a preview in google docs. You have to download the PDF, it may take a while, but it should download for you)

I had some difficulties uploading these files to Google Docs because of their size. If you would like me to try to email them to you, I would be willing to try to do that if the pdf versions don't work for you, but I am not promising anything because of the size of the documents!

Hope this helps everyone in the daunting tasks of organizing their libraries! :)

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