Tuesday, August 2, 2011

beginning of the year......CRAZINESS!

It's been forever since I updated for my few followers and fellow teachers!

I know I have said this before, but I teach at a year around school so my short six week summer ended way too early and I have already been back to school for two and a half weeks in this HEAT! (We pretty much have had indoor recess the whole time..and its driving me a little crazy).

Starting my second year of teaching almost seemed more nerve-wracking then my first year (and you have to remember on my first day of my first year, I not only had 23 fresh first graders, I also had a photographer and reporter from our city's newspaper in my room!) I remember being so calm last year and freaking out more this year!? Don't ask me how that works!
Thankfully my first day jitters disappeared after the first few hours of the school year...and I am so excited to say that I have a WONDERFUL class this year! I am so excited for all the things we will do! Even with this 100+ heat indexes, my alarm going off at 5:30am, and watching all my other teacher friends still enjoy the pool and summer vacations....I am happy to be back in my routine...and it doesn't hurt when you absolutely adore your teaching team and the school you work at! :)

I feel so much more prepared and put together this year...its an amazing feeling. It feels so nice to have a frame of reference for everything now!

With the beginning of the year craziness S....L....O...W....L....Y.... starting to die down, I promise to post pictures of my classroom setup and some awesome new things I have implemented this year!

It was all of the wonderful teachers and their blogs out there who made my first year easier and more if I can help someone else with my little ol' blog...its all worth it!

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