Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tricky Y

I am starting to quickly learn that April and May will be the busiest months of the year. When the weather starts to warm up so does my social and school life! :) This is the first night I have had in a couple weeks that I have been able to sit down and catch up on my Criminal Minds!

I have wanted to post more/new ideas, but to be honest, I have just been crazy busy. My goal is during my April break, I will take an afternoon to sit down and update, update, update! But I am adding a quick idea tonight!

This week my student's are learning the 'y' that makes the 'i' and 'e' sound. In my classroom, we call this little guy...TRICKY Y! I have made a drawing of TRICKY Y, laminated him, and taped him to a paint stir stick to help us go along with our song/poem! (I don't have a picture! Sorry!)
I do have to admit though..I can't take all the credit for this song/poem about TRICKY Y. One of my good friend's niece, who is also in first grade, helped me with the lyrics! :) Too cute!

My name's Tricky Y,
I'm sometimes an I,
Maybe an E, but its always me!

If I have learned anything in my first year of teaching, its that if you put a song or catchy poem with a skill...firsties LOVE IT! (and it becomes their new favorite song at recess!) :)

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