Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning Curve

I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing!
I am currently on April Break (I work on at year-round school) so I have some time to sit down and play around with this and upload some pics. This post is going to include my class's Earth Day project (I'm sorry I am posting after Earth Day! Hopefully its something you can file away for next year!) and our Mother's Day project.

Earth Day:
I had to be absent during Earth Day this year, so this project was done in three parts. We first made our coffee filter earths the day before earth day. I just had the children color the coffee filters with blue and green markers and then I sprayed them with water and let them dry.
On Earth Day, I had the sub read the book The Giving Tree to my students and generate a list of things the Earth gives us. The student then wrote a thank you letter to the Earth (I just used a copy of Earth day paper I had and added a sentence starter). On Monday, we glued our finished projects on black construction paper and I hung them in the hall! I loved the way they turned out!

Mother's Day:
For Mother's Day, I made salt dough ornaments for my students over the weekend using a flower cookie cutter. Each student then decorated the ornament with markers and I plan on spraying the ornaments with a clear sealant when we return to school and put a ribbon through them. I also plan on having the students complete an acrostic poem using the work MOTHER.

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